AMIA’s Festival of the Archives celebrates the work done by media archives in their efforts to preserve history and cultural heritage.  The festival offers attendees quality films that highlight preservation and restoration efforts a wide spectrum of archival materials – feature films, documentaries, animation, historical footage, and commercial video.

When you become a FOTA sponsor, you are supporting the work of those responsible for the preservation of media archives all over the world.  Whether it is restoring a beloved studio classic, preserving our cultural folklore, or making sure that the news we see today is available tomorrow, it is archivists who are responsible for keeping our collective (or social) memory. 

Sydney Pollack has said that cinema is “the most vivid and valuable record of who we were and what we were, and what we thought and what we believed. And it continues to be that.”

2012: The Case for Sponsorship

  • Champion the work done to preserve our audiovisual heritage
  • Demonstrate support of keeping materials accessible to future generations
  • Ground-floor opportunity: Inaugural year sponsors can maintain Founding Sponsor status in subsequent years
  • Reach a diverse, highly-educated, multi-generational audience with significant influence and disposable income
  • Showcase brand to festival attendees, in promotional materials, online, & on screen
  • Invest in a cause that economically and culturally enhances our entire community.

Download the FOTA Sponsorship Booklet here.